Certified Calibration Technician Preparation

General Metrology
 Base SI Units
 Derived SI Units  
SI multipliers and conversions
 Fundamental constants
 Common measurements
 Principles and practices of traceability
 Types of Measurement Standards
 Substitution of Calibration Standards ML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = "O" />

Measurement Systems
 Measurement methods
 Measurement data
 Characteristics of measurements
 IM&TE Specifications
 Primary error sources
 Measurement systems and capabilities
 Measurement assurance programs

Calibration Systems
 Calibration procedures
 Calibration methods
 Industry practices and regulations
 Control of the calibration environment
 Calibration processes for IM&TE
 Manual and automated calibration
 Systems records and records management
 Reporting results

Applied Math and Statistics
 Technical and applied mathematics
 Applied statistics

Quality Systems and Standards
 Quality management systems
 The Seven quality control tools
 Quality audits
 Preventative and corrective action
 Supplier qualification and monitoring
 Professional conduct and ethics
 Occupational safety requirements
 Quality standards and guides

 Uncertainty budget components
 Uncertainty management
 Uncertainty determination and reporting

The CCT online course is presented using MOODLE (Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) to provide navigation and presentation of materials. These are the same materials previously used for our 3 day classroom training. Now is the time to get that certification.


1. Four plus hours of lecture by the author, Gary C. Meyer, ASQ CCT/CQE.
2. Immediate access to text and workbook. Save $$ by downloading and printing both the textbook (261 pages) and workbook (83 pages) online. (Hardcopies can be purchased)
3. Modules are integrated with the textbook and workbook
4. One module for each of the five body of knowledge (bok)sections.
5. Separate practice exams for each bok section with immediate feedback on your grade. Exams can be taken as many times as desired for practice. No two exams are alike.
6. Final practice exam can now be taken online with random order of questions and responses for better practice. Simulates the 125 question 4 hour exam by mixing bok sections.
7. Links to important information and terms on the internet plus suggested references for actual certification exam.
8. Instructor email support is available for all participants.
9. Fraction of classroom training, typically over $1,000 plus travel expense.
10. Work at your own pace online, anytime, anywhere.



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